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Here’s a list of wedding orientated bits- for your inspiration!

Bridal Shower Games ?
Movie Wedding Dresses
Carrie Bradshaw's "Sex and The City" wedding dress was designed by Vivenne Westwood.
Julia Roberts' "Runaway Bride" wedding dress was designed by Amsale Aberra.

Our pick, only the pearls from the thousands of them! These movies are worth a watch for genuine inspiration, to keep you entertained and to nudge some of the hairy issues that come with weddings your way.  
My Best Friends Wedding- Aside from the schmaltz, this movie has you thinking about the other members of the bridal party- the best man, the maid of honour, and the importance of choosing the right people to support you on your big day.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding- Raises the issues of cross cultural weddings, awkward family bonding and on-the-day disasters with great taste and unmatched humour.
Wedding Crashers- silly fun with some great ideas for weddings!
The Runaway Bride- Will have you thinking hard about whether you’re really, really sure before you walk down that aisle.
Monsoon Wedding- a gorgeous Punjabi wedding and a take on the chaos that often ensues when whole families come together.
Bride Wars- more silly fun with some great ideas for weddings and a cute moral about the importance of your best woman.

(These require more pictures, links and videos)
Many YouTubes and pictures of;
Fainting grooms
Wardrobe malfunctions
Bride setting herself on fire
Knocking over cake
Ring bearer and bridesmaids bickering/ running away
Grooms dropping their brides as they carry them to the bridal car
Bridal car not starting
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