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Post Wedding Blues

The key to getting over a post wedding letdown is to take some well earned rest and relaxation. Weddings are a huge financial burden and this can be very stressful. They are also very physically and emotionally taxing as they typically keep you run-off-your- feet busy for months, as well as taking you on a rollercoaster of highs and lows, laughter and tears. Seek help and talk about your feelings with friends and family. After all, they are experiencing and adjusting to the new phase in your life as well. 

Post wedding blues is not just a feeling that the excitement is over. As much as you are gaining by beginning a shared life with the person you love, you are also losing something, and this loss needs to be recognized. It’s natural to mourn the past a little. Give yourself time to settle into a new, married life- routine. If post wedding blues persist it’s a good idea to see a marriage counsellor to help you get back onto your feet.
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