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Brides by Design Photoshoot

Perth Bride Magazine - Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Last Sunday, we had our photo-shoot with Brides by Design for Perth Bride 2015 that is coming out in the August (excited not?). The photo-shoot was located at the Queen of Theme, with the romantic and dreamy backdrop, We just feel like we have escaped to another wonderland. So when the model came out wearing the latest collection from Brides by Design , we all just go 'awwwwwww' and everything just work beautifully that day, making it easier to work on a Sunday afternoon. 

The beautiful setting provided by the Queen of Theme for this photo shoot.

The first dress of the shoot from Brides by Design

A close up candid shot with a closer view on the veil, while the model Jamilla is having a conversation with Chris Huzzard , the photographer and Lisa Chester who did the hair and make up that day. 

Peeking at the next dress,  which has a beautiful silhouette at the back.

Chris Huzzard trying to snatch the right moment while the very attentive make up & hair stylist Lisa Chester doing some touch up.

The very talented and entertaining Chris Huzzard getting the perfect shot for the Perth Bride Editorial with Brides by Design

Touching up again from Lisa Chester , you can tell how attentive and professional she is by seeing how frequent she will appear in this blog post. All this is effort to achieve the best editorial for Perth Bride 2015.

Everyone from Perth Bride, Brides by Design and Chris Huzzard are working hard to perfect the photo. (That's what teamwork is)

The very entertaining Chris Huzzard said 'yumm' is a technical term for beautiful people and things, just as what he described for the photo shoot for the day.

None of us can resist how beautiful the model, Jamilla looks in the dress , the whole look fit into the backdrop flawlessly

And yes, she can't even wait to see how her beautiful self turn up in the picture. 

Look at how beautiful the back and the front of this dress. The slip of the dress adds the extra hint of sensuality for the look. After all, it is the details that makes the dress beautiful

Another peek to the fairy-like dress, and everyone in the team is just a perfectionist to make sure everything looks the best.

Lisa Chester making sure everything is flawless

(Not even joking when I said how frequent she will appear in this blog)

Lisa's make up is just natural without over-doing anything, and that's why we love using her in the editorial.

This close up look on the model is the ultimate example of Lisa's make up. Not to forget the details of the dress, how stunning are they ??

Chris Huzzard allowed us to take a peak on what's in his camera, we all cannot wait to see how the final photos will be.

Last photo of Chris Huzzard and Jamilla together in the beautiful setting.